We are living in a world that contains a lot of uncertainties. Anything can happen at any moment; any natural disaster, accident or calamity can occur without any warning. Nevertheless, there is one thing we can do to protect ourselves from these uncertainties and it is to take precaution. This is the reason why we encourage people to keep emergency kits and supplies with them all time. In fact, everyone in a family, from the youngest kid to the eldest person must have emergency kit with them and should also know how to use it. In order to make this possible, we sell emergency kits and supplies in a really affordable, quick and convenient way all across North America through our highly trustworthy and safe survival supplies store.

Our commitment to you

Our mission is to ensure that every person gets hold of emergency supplies as conveniently as possible. For this reason we provide high quality survival kits at really affordable prices. In addition to that, it is also important for us to maintain good relations with our customers by offering them goods that are not only efficient but also encourage them to keep coming back to us frequently.

Shipping Expectations

Right now, the demand for emergency kits and food has increased to a great extend everywhere in the US and so, we are trying our best to fulfill each and every client's demand. Our employees have become really busy in shortening the process of preparing orders and sending each order on time. They are making sure that no customer suffers from late shipment.

For most of the emergency supplies or kits shipment through UPS, kindly allow 4 business days for the order to reach you. For the Wise Food Buckets or any other food items, kindly allow 7 business days for the order to reach you.

Product Changes

All the product specifications, packages, prices, continuation or discontinuation can change anytime and anywhere without any notice.